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The CannaBook of SOPs:

The SOP that teaches you about SOPs ~

(Standard Operating Procedures)

This is the FASTEST way to get EDUCATED and TRAINED to work in the CANNABIS INDUSTRY without spending a lot of TIME and MONEY to get started!

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Do YOU want to take a deeper look into the nuances of this industry?

We are dedicated to bringing a simpler method of organizing office procedures to the people, regardless of their knowledge and skill in cannabis-related rules and regulations.”


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State Editions Currently Available:


You Don’t Have To Start From Scratch!

More states will be available soon!


How complex is this?

Beyond Basic, but not by much. While much of this information is pretty common, how it inter-connects within the manual and with the regulatory agencies serving the cannabis industry is a little more complex. But I made it easier, just for you!

How soon will the next states be available?

As soon as the first 5 courses are launched I will have the time to focus on the next edition. It’s only a matter of time and all legal states will have its own manual, links, and training!

How much student participation is required?

If you are making the transition into the cannabis industry, the knowledge you gain from this course is going to be priceless. Therefore, the effort you make toward achieving your goals is entirely up to you. The hard copy is yours to customize, the digital copy is yours for reference, and the training’s have unlimited access, so don’t let anything get in the way of your new career!

Is there a certificate of completion?

Not yet. But when you take your new knowledge, skills, and experience to a job interview they are going to be so impressed, and getting hired will be much better than a certificate, don’t ya think?

Can I buy just the manual?

Nope. The manual is part of a system, and you need all parts. Especially the training. And you need to invest in the manual of the state you want to work in. Each one is specific to their state laws and cannot be used elsewhere.

Is there a partner program with The CannaBook of SOPs?

Coming Soon! The cannabis industry is very highly regulated and we must strive to be the best stewards in this new and exciting business opportunity. Standard Operating Procedures are not always standard, so the more entrepreneurs using this system, the better. We would like to help our students build the niche that suits them best in the industry, including ours!